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Raptor Gold | iPhone 6, 6s, 6P, 6sP, 7, 7P Phone Case

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Raptor Gold: Cool Rugged Armor Mobile Phone Hybrid Dual Layer (TPU + PC) Shockproof Case

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What is TPU?
What is PC (Polycarbonate)?

Raptor Phone Case Features

  1. High Quality, Contemporary Design, Unique Construction
  2. The Case protects your phone while giving it a stunning sporty look
  3. It maintains easy and unhindered access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all Phone features.
  4. It protects your Phone back and frame from Fingerprints, Scratches, Dusts, Collisions And Abrasion.
  5. Functional: the case offers a snug fit for your phone while protecting it from shock, scratch, slip, dust and so on.
  6. Durable: with superior performance and high quality TPU and PC material, it will protect your phone for a long time
  7. Contemporary: owing to the artful design, such as the artistic double color and functional hard PC holder design, the case conveys an sport, stylish, active image
  8. Convenient: all buttons and ports are accessible

1. Aseismic corner air bags ensure superior shock absorption and contribute to all around 360 degree protection.

2. Unique Spider Line Technology for efficient heat dissipation while providing an air-cushioned back for shock absorption, vibration reduction, enhanced heat dissipation and superior fall protection.


3.  360 degree rotatable spindle enables landscape or portrait staging.

4.  Light weight design, easy to snap on and remove.

5. Contoured sides and textured back offer enhanced grip.

6. Specifically designed for iPhone 6/6s, 6Plus/6sPlus, 7, 7Plus, to allow full access to all of the ports and features without having to remove the case.

7. Weight: 32g

What is TPU?

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a hybrid material - a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense and smooth rubber, made to slide in and out of the pocket, without attracting lint.

What is PC (Polycarbonate)?

Polycarbonate (PC) plastics are a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic. Although they are made commercially available in a variety of colors (perhaps translucent and perhaps not), the raw material allows for the internal transmission of light nearly in the same capacity as glass.

Polycarbonate polymers are used to produce a variety of materials and are particularly useful when impact resistance and/or transparency are a product requirement (e.g. in bullet-proof glass). PC is commonly used for plastic lenses in eyewear, in medical devices, automotive components, protective gear, greenhouses, Digital Disks (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray), and exterior lighting fixtures.

Polycarbonate also has very good heat resistance and can be combined with flame retardant materials without significant material degradation. Polycarbonate plastics are engineering plastics in that they are typically used for more capable, robust materials such as in impact resistant “glass-like” surfaces.

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