Classy and stylish backpack in a stunning design for girls, boys for school, uni, work, travel - Crystal - Bonne

Classic Backpacks

“Classic” backpacks sport a timelessly casual style in stellar designs, vibrant colours and to-die-for prints that exude a confidence and creativity for those that know where they are going and how to get there.

Whether it's a backpack for a day out, uni, school, or just a warm, stylish, confident pack to keep you company on an urban adventure or at the skate park, we've got one just for you.

Have a look around, review your favourite designs and share your thoughts and emotions - urban or not.

“We just don’t create backpacks, we embody urban emotions….”

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Skate Intro

Sporty hip n' trendy, water resistant and rugged super comfy cushioned canvas backpack for men, ladies, boys, girls. Rad design, top quality - X-Eyes-BONNE

Evolution Backpacks

Evolution backpacks mix serious business with a lot of pleasure...and we make no bones about it.

They are as versatile and casual as they are rugged, luxurious and classy, making them perfect for travel, work, uni, school or for when you hit the road.

These backpacks offer a storage capacity that is simply unbelievable and you will most likely run out of ‘carry’ before they run out of capacity.

This backpack has large reinforced laptop and tablet pockets, interior lining and two external pockets. Triple seams provide for tough-but-understated construction, while foam handles and plush cushioning on the straps, shoulder blades and lower back offer TLC that make this pack truly unique.

"Once you go BONNE, you’ll never go black; or grey or tan..."

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