"But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it." – Justin Bieber

Live Your LIfe


What is it about the stripes of the Zebra that are so captivating? Is it the starkness of color or the confusion of pattern? The mystifying symmetry of its markings, or the dizzying repetitiveness of its lines?

Does it really matter? Earn your own stripes. Do your own thing. Get edgy. Build up your stamina like an oscillating Zebra on the defensive. Get on the offensive. Don’t just rebel, get creative. Make a life of your own. Be distinctive and remarkable. Be noticed and noteworthy. Actions speak louder than words. They shout.

Like human fingerprint, no two Zebras share the same stripe patterns. Be independent or die trying. Don’t just fit in. Stand out. Zig where others zag. Be. Do. Go.

Zebras, native to central and southern Africa, have evolved among Old World horses for the last 4 million years. The fur of this curious animal consists of an all-white body with black stripes, arranged vertically, except on the legs. Zebras are one of many examples of nature's creativity and magnificence that inspires us.

Remember, Zebras are white all over with black stripes.



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