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Superior Air-Cushioned Soft TPU Phone Protective Case With Corner Airbags

Design: Batman Rising

What is TPU?

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) n. A hybrid material - a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense and smooth rubber, made to slide in and out of the pocket, without attracting lint.

Protective Phone Case Features

1. Air-cushioned back for shock absorption, vibration reduction, enhanced heat dissipation and superior fall protection.

2. Aseismic airbag corners for bump protection, heat dissipation and edge protection.

3. 360° PROTECTION - including 4-side protection, covered corners, rear air-cushion, raised edge screen protection to keep your iPhone new and safe.

4. Embossed button for minimal design with solid feedback that's easily pressed.

5. Easy to put on and remove

6. Guaranteed quality, Unique design.

7. Unique Screen Protection To Protect Phone Face By Raised Sides

8. 1mm Thin Soft Flexible Case for Maximum Feel and Snug Fit

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