The Raptor Range

Resilient. Lightweight. Corner Airbags. Aseismic technology. Dual Layering. Spider-line grading. Anti-shock Cushioning. Backside kickstand. 360 degrees rotatable. Portrait & landscape viewability.

Studies show that the best phone cases offer these qualities:

  • Quality construction
  • Phone protection
  • Does not impede functionality
  • Enhances the experience
  • Durability
  • Stylish design
  • Amazing value


The Raptor Range offers:

  • First-rate TPU and Polycarbonate materials that provide superior protection without being bulky.
  • Protection against dropped phones, scratches and rough handling
  • Corner airbags that utilize Aseismic technology for heightened shock absorption
  • Exceptional “gripability” for less slippage and fewer frustrations
  • Camera and screen protection
  • Ease of phone use without interference
  • A fully functional kickstand offering Portrait & Landscape viewing for your desk, night table, counter, or any other surface
  • 360-degree Kickstand rotation for multiple viewing positions
  • Spider Line technology embedded in the case for defusing heat and radiation away from the phone interface and software.
  • An aesthetic that blends the contemporary and millennial with the practical and multifunctional, hitting the sweet spot that users crave