The Raptor Range 

"On average, we change our clothes 573 times before we change our phone case."

So which better represents me?
It is said my phone case is a window to my soul. While I may or may not agree, it is undeniable my cell phone is an integral part of my life and most of us have them permanently glued to our hands - a few even 24 x 7. My phone case, advertently or inadvertently, represents my real unchanging self and conveys who I really choose to be.
While phone cases make a personal statement (form), they always have a goal (function). Whether that be protecting the phone, offering a better look 'n feel or extending ways phones can be held, used and staged. And these are critical facets that are best assessed, not on a screen, but in real life. I want to hold the phone case in my hands; feel it, try it on, assess first hand how the phone sits in the case and how the case sits in my hand. How easy is it to put on and remove? Does it work with all my accessories without getting in the way? Does the surface texture appeal to me, is it's size just right for my hand, and most importantly, is this phone case really me and really for me?
And we agree. The only way to answer that question is to try it. No fancy images, no fancy product descriptions, no reviews, just a plain 'ol 'try it and see if it's right for me'.
Hence we offer Free Returns*.

*Free Returns : If the phone case doesn't feel right, it doesn't represent you, or for any other reason you're not satisfied with it, let us know within 7 days of receiving it by emailing us at By all means try it on and check it out but, all we require is, the case (including packaging) must be in the condition received and not damaged or used (other that trying it on). We won't require you tell us why. We'd appreciate if you tell us so we can share your feedback with future customers but no problems if you choose not to.

Uber-Hip, Uber-Sporty, Uber-Rugged Hybrid Dual Layer Shockproof Mobile Phone Case Range