About Evolution backpacks

BONNE offers an experience of urban emotions inspired by youth, graffiti, street art, skate, surf, hip hop, creative rebellion and, most of all, plain ol’ simple fun. All characterized by our hallmark - vibrant colors, stellar designs and to-die-for prints.
Evolution backpacks are nothing short of stylishly revolutionary. They are as versatile and casual as they are rugged and classy. They comprise an ergonomic back, thick reinforced laptop and tablet pocket, a headphone slot, interior lining and an external pocket. Triple seams provide for tough-but-understated construction, while foam handles and cushioning offer the comforts that make this bag truly unique.
Be warned though, this backpack mixes business with a lot of pleasure...and makes no bones about it.
Whether as an enduring gift, or for school, skate, surf or just for a cool, confident, trendy backpack to keep you company on an urban adventure, this is the one.
Our designs are unique. And each design in our portfolio has a backstory that has as its genesis a place, a point in time or a phenomenon that spans both space and time.
Have a look around, read the backstories, and share your thoughts and emotions - urban, or not.
Once you go BONNE, you’ll never go black; or grey or tan...