About Us


Bonnebags Australia Pty. Ltd. is a fully Australian owned and family operated business that holds exclusive rights to the BONNE brand across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

BONNE offers a unique and accessible masterpiece - its portfolio of designs and products; a masterpiece that offers creative inspiration for all to access, enjoy and experience.

BONNE backpacks and accessories, was established in 2008 in Lisbon by designer F. Corte Real. He discerned an opportunity in doing something different, of contradicting the homogeneity of the existing market, which resulted in the "Revolution” that is now a global brand of urban concept characterized by printed graphics and inspired by themes as diverse as graffiti, hip hop, surf, skate and others.

BONNE, a brand of youthful spirit for all ages, has as its hallmark stellar designs, vibrant colours, superb patterns and unbelievably eye-popping prints. The underlying philosophy of our range is fueled by “fun”, “creative expression” and “urban emotions” (it’s the only fuel we know that is clean, recyclable and which never runs out).

Each design has a backstory, its inspiration, its genesis, that is displayed on our website with each product. And each design in every portfolio has a meaning, an embodiment, that was nurtured, cultivated and polished by BONNE designers and story tellers to produce the gems BONNE brings us today.

From Hip Hop (inspired by the genre of music in the 70s with roots in Jamaica and Latin America), to SK8Tag (driven by the surf/skate culture of 50s California), to Machupicchu (inspired by the Urubamaba Valley and Inca Culture), to X-Eyes (a theme developed by BONNE designers inspired by a hyper creative world of fashion and sci-fi movies like Blade Runner), and many, many more designs, we offer a portfolio like none other we have ever seen.

Quality is paramount with the products we offer; we test our materials and products during the development phase, and strictly control the entire process until the product is delivered into the hands of our customers.

Quality for us is, and has always been, a non-negotiable attribute of what we offer and how we offer it. Our products are consistent in the quality they embody and the level at which they do it. Quality is nothing short of exceptional.

From its earliest days, BONNE has focused on communication with its clients and fan base, and continuously solicits feedback from them. Often the feedback we receive is incorporated into future designs and, sometimes, into current manufacturing, packaging and logistics processes.

As a result of this continuous feedback loop, we have created a set of events, like BONNE Art Graffiti, consisting of personalizing backpacks live by Artists, offering a unique experience breeding life into design.

BONNE continues to surprise the world, through innovation, design, quality and sustainability.

We say without qualification, THERE IS NO OTHER OFFERING LIKE BONNE IN THE WORLD; NOT CURRENTLY; NOT IN THE PAST. And we’d be reckless to say we will see one in the near future.

We love to hear from our customers and we look forward to it. We urge you to give us feedback, especially where we are falling short or how we can do even better.

Our contact information is listed comprehensively on the ‘Contact Us’ page under “About Us” in the top menu. We'd love to hear from you. And if you allow us, we will share your words with the world.


Bonnebags Australia Pty. Ltd. is exclusive dealer for the BONNE brand for Australia and New Zealand.
ABN: 97 615 687 762