Pencil Case - Bubbler

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Soft, rhythmic and hypnotic, she sprays graffiti to the beat of an inner drum. Big round shapes knock into one another - soft warm colors burn bright. Today it’s about love, tomorrow it’s fun, the words tumble out.

There’s so much to say and so little time to say it. Have you found that one word to encapsulate all your racing thoughts? Or is blind intuition guiding those robotic hand movements, as the spray runs away from the can?

Urban emotions or social unrest - artistic expression on display. Which color expresses your current temper? How do you paint the youthful energy of the young? Don’t waste the opportunity – pick up a brush or a can. Draw, sketch, create. Build worlds.

Product Details

Best pencil cases ever in 2017 (toiletry &, cosmetic case, make-up pouch) in unique cool design

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