Pencil Case - Clippings

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Creativity is not the exclusive domain of innovation and inventiveness. It finds expression in original application and utilization all the same. Sometimes the finest result is an amalgam of what one already has. As designers, we prefer to modify the wheel than to invent it.

We snipped at colorful magazine clippings, positioning paper strips vertical and flat. We gasped at the payoff. A dazzling masterpiece of epic proportions.

Experiment with graphics you already have - mix and match with disregard. Express your feelings without reservation, don’t give up until the end.

Few things are as exhilarating as displaying your native emotions in paper form. So, get out your writing tools. Let your imagination caper.

Product Details

Best pencil cases ever in 2017 (toiletry &, cosmetic case, make-up pouch) in unique cool design

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