Pencil Case - Evil Friends

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Evil Friends

Friendly monsters. Evil friendships. Kind hearted mobsters. Celestial demons.

We take our cue from the inconsistencies and disproportions that surround. We painted with the curious harmony of dissonance. Artistically, we demonstrate our aversion to culture shock. One man’s urbanity is somebody else’s boondocks. 

Embrace irony and paradox rather than fleeing from it. Snuggle up with the contrariness of life. Personalities differ and temperaments contrast. If opposites attract, similarities repel.

Laugh at your dragons and wave at your fears. Make love with your subconscious no matter what it contains. If you love yourself, others will too. Smile at your monsters and your monsters will smile back.

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Best pencil cases ever in 2017 (toiletry &, cosmetic case, make-up pouch) in unique cool design

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