Pencil Case - Iceberg

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Jagged and pointed forms huddle. Sharp edges stab and interlock like scribbled graffiti in your favorite city’s downtown. Shades of blue and white intermingle indiscriminately, frosted and cold.

Indulge in the desire to snap off a spiky icicle dangling from your gutter like low hanging fruit. Suck on the frosty and acute angles. Crack. Snap. Dislodge.

A mighty iceberg struggles with an urge all the same. Tearing away from her mother glacier. Plunging into the abyss. Floating away. Like a protruding iceberg, surface culture is easy to identify. Familial expectations and social norms take shelter beneath the sea.  

Hop, skip and bounce. Ski and skate on snow and ice. Listen to your inner voice. Yield to your creative urges. Graffiti responsibly.

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Best pencil cases ever in 2017 (toiletry &, cosmetic case, make-up pouch) in unique cool design

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