Pencil Case - Maori

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Early inhabitants of New Zealand arrived from Eastern Polynesia on canoes between 10 and 800 BC. These pioneers developed a culture all their own, including language, social norms, and of course the Tā Moko.

Unlike a tattoo, the skin is chiseled rather than pierced. This exclusive art was important to the Maori. Each drawing was unique, detailing the narrative of the bearer’s life story.

Maori markings are a series of sweeping spirals and curved shapes, in which each side of the face corresponds to the other, producing an elegant yet awe-inspiring symmetry.

Like all true art, these ancient chisels spoke stories open to interpretation. While infusing an observer with its intoxicating beauty, it may have been filling the lungs of an enemy with dread.

Here at Bonne, we consider these decorative lines to be a natural choice for expressing individualistic taste in a most compelling way. Whether it is the sweeping gold patterns that generate mesmeric symmetry or the vacant spaces caught in the dizzying repetitiveness of the mosaic, the enchanting beauty of this ancient masterpiece captivates.

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Best pencil cases ever in 2017 (toiletry &, cosmetic case, make-up pouch) in unique cool design

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