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A rad, hip, urban skate backpack for kids and skaters; cheap price skating accessories  A cool, rad, hip, urban skate backpack for girls; cheap price skating accessorie  A rad, fun, hip, urban skate backpack; skating accessorie  A rad, hip, urban, stylish skate backpack; cheap price skating accessories

Grab a board and go. Emulate surfing maneuvers on city streets. Let the wind ripple through your hair. Who made the first board - nobody knows and nobody cares. Surf the streets or bust.

Travel back in time. Find yourself lost in the 1950’s. Hello California. The beach smells like a carnival and the waves beckon. But what are we to do when the waves go flat? Skate, that’s what. Or, if you prefer, SK8.

At BONNE, design follows inspiration. We studied how skating evolved and its roots in surf. We investigated the urban lifestyle associated with skate and the nonconformist image it conjures up in the mind. We present that culture to you. 

Surf and skate on water and land. Challenge your environment by never allowing it to define you. Set the rules. Lead by example.

SK8 is the abbreviation of the word Skate. In California in the late 1950s, surfers tired of waiting for good waves decided to create something similar to surfing. It was then that these surfers attached roller skate wheels to the bottom of wooden boxes shaped like boards. BONNE designers, inspired by the origins and art of skating, created this theme based on a combination of “psychedelic” and “graffiti”, offering us a pathway to an alternative urban environment.

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Best pencil cases ever in 2017 (toiletry &, cosmetic case, make-up pouch) in unique cool design

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