iPhone XS Mocolo™ Tempered Glass Screen Protector - 2.5D 9H HD - Clear

Real protection for individuals serious about protection.

You've invested in a world class phone and now it's time to protect your investment - join the 20 million+ screen protectors powered by Mocolo's leading technology and uncompromising quality.

This Screen Protector is a Full Screen, Full Glue, Professional Grade, 2.5D Curved, 9H Hardness, HD Tempered Glass protector designed to provide your screen the best possible protection in this class of protectors, and to do it seamlessly - Ultra-Clear, Ultra-thin and Oleophobic Coated to resist fingerprints, oils and perspiration preserving the phone's original clarity and crystal clear visibility.  

You want a screen protector to protect your phone screen while ensuring seamless phone operation through the screen, the buttons or its camera and ports. You also want a protector that is durable, easy to install and safe (shatter-proof).

This means it must be hard and strong to protect the phone screen from damage when you need it most and it must be highly resistant to scratching/micro-scratching that is inevitable during everyday use (keys, beach sand, dust and particles on desk, etc) to ensure a perfectly clear view of the screen. But it also needs to be extremely thin to preserve the phones original usage experience and highly durable so you don't have to replace it frequently.

1. Protection: 9H Hardness

This screen protector is made using glass from Japan's best-in-class glass manufacturer - Asahi Glass Corporation. Hardness is a measure of how strong the screen is and its resistance to scratches and micro-scratches. This screen protector has a top Hardness rating of 9H. They don't come stronger than this.

2. Durability: 2.5D Anti-Chip Arc Edge

This screen protector is rated 2.5D which reflects the curvature of the edge of the protector. Non-curved edges are prone to edge-chipping which compromises the integrity and strength of the protector resulting it to fail especially when you need it most.

3. Clarity: HD AGC Glass

This screen protector is made using High Definition (HD) glass from Japan's best-in-class glass manufacturer - Asahi Glass Corporation. It is exceptionally clear and ultra-transparent.

4. Responsiveness: 0.33mm - Ultra Thin

This screen protector is only 0.33mm making it one of the thinnest. It preserves the phone's original responsiveness.

5. Safety: 9H Tempered Glass by AGC - Shatterproof

In the event your phone does encounter a projectile, you want the screen to bear the damage and NOT to fragment into dangerous shards - similar to a car windscreen. The Shatterproof AGC glass used in this screen protector does exactly that while preserving the phone's original feel and interactions.

7. Clarity: Oleophobic Coating (Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Oil)

We've all seen a dirty smudged screen and it's only normal as we do have fingerprints and our skin excretes oils and perspiration. These combine on your phone screen to interfere with your ability to clearly see information being displayed and this is what the microscopic Oleophobic Coating resists so what the phone is displaying is presented to you clearly.

8. Full Glue: Full Screen Adhesive

"Full Glue" screen protectors have an adhesive agent across the full cross-section of the protector as opposed to just having adhesive along the border which does not provides for a weaker bond. Full Glue screen protectors form a strong bond with the screen as they have a bonding agent across their full surface and adhere to the screen. Regular screen protectors will peel of much easier.

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